About This Blog

Bras I Hate & Love is a blog focusing on bra reviews, tips, and bra and clothing alterations for full-busted women. My goal is to help my readers figure out their own shape and develop skills to distinguish between good products and bad products for their shape. I also hope to help my readers understand why certain bras and clothes work on one shape, but not another.

If you are new to the world of bra fitting and don't yet know how to find your size, you'll want to refer to my post "Starting Points" for guidance.

This blog is meant for education only. I purposely use small, low-quality images to dissuade misuse. If you are here seeking a visual thrill, or hoping this blog will serve a purpose other than what I intend it for, I guarantee you will find greater satisfaction elsewhere. The internet is a big place.

I understand that breasts don't only belong to women, and I support anyone who takes joy in their own gender identity. I also recognize that the word 'woman' can mean many things to many people. That said, this blog is aimed primarily (thought not exclusively) at female-bodied, female-identified people in order to help combat the specific type of misogyny and discomfort surrounding women and their breasts. Anyone with breasts (or anyone who wants them) should feel free to read this blog, but I will be using the terms "woman" and "female" to describe my audience for the aforementioned reason.

I am not sponsored by any companies or other sites. I have never received any products for free, and will never accept freebies. I do not use affiliate links (meaning I don't get money when you click an external link from my blog to a product). I am also not concerned with attending press/media events or providing publicity for companies. My focus is my readers and fans, to entertain and help them. So if there is a specific topic you would like me to cover, or if you have a question, feel free to leave a comment. If you'd like to contact me privately, you can email me at However, please be aware that I am terrible about checking this email account and probably won't see your message for a very long time. In general, I check comments far more frequently so that is the best way to get in touch!

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Comment Policy:
I've recently had to put comment moderation in place due to an extremely high volume of spam. However, I want to make it known that I will still publish ALL comments other than those that are obvious spam--yes, even those that include body snarking, and even those that tell me I should go home and stop blogging. The ONLY exception is that I will not publish comments that are sexual in nature. That's not the purpose of this blog, nor is it useful or interesting to anyone, nor does it provide any form of enlightening argument--so I don't publish those comments. There may be a delay in publishing comments when I am busy or lack internet access for long periods of time.