Monday 24 October 2011

A Bit of Happy: The Curvy Kate "Angel"

I was going to do all my sad Curvy Kate stories first and then work up to the good ones, but I’m beginning to depress myself. Plus I want to talk about something I like for once. Despite all the complaining I’ve done on this blog, I really do love great bras, and when I find one I like, it gives me a happy buzz that I can't hold in for long.

That’s how I feel about the Curvy Kate “Angel”. I was quite surprised at how much I loved this! I had always overlooked it online, partly because I was convinced the pattern wouldn’t flatter my size and partly because you really can’t tell how beautiful it is from online photos.

I ordered it in the Black/Ivory in two different sizes, a 28J and a 28K. (They were sold out of 28JJ.) To be honest, there wasn’t a huge difference in how the two sizes fit me—I really could wear either size, although I think a 28JJ would have been truly ideal. Because of the shape of my boobs, a lot of times I can size up a few sizes and the extra fabric will just end up going around my side, so I nearly never get wrinkles in the fabric or a cup that is too big. I ultimately decided to keep the 28J because the shape it gave was just a tiny bit better than the 28K.

Angel 28K 
Angel 28J: More Lift
As you can see, neither bra is giving extreme lift or a very round shape. With the straps properly tightened, it is better under clothes, but it's still not a show-stopper:

Despite this, I really, really love this bra for how it looks. I was able to improve the shape and make it slightly more rounded by taking in the center gore, and I've found myself wearing it basically non-stop for these first few days after getting it. It’s been a LONG time since I’ve owned a bra that genuinely excited me. Since I’ve been wearing it so much, I can report that the shape doesn't change throughout the day, and once I bent them into a human shape, the underwires barely cut into my ribs. One concern to keep in mind is that the “Angel” seems to me to have slightly wider-set straps than my normal Panache bras, so they do cut into my arms a bit. It’s not really an issue for me, but if you normally have problems with straps cutting in, this bra might not be your favorite.

The criss-cross ribbon detail where the band begins is great. Since it's not elastic at all, I feel that it will be a big help in preventing the band from stretching out. I bet the Angel will last twice as long as most of the bras I've had.

I quickly ordered a second Angel in the Black/Raspberry on Brastop, which has a lot of good bargains on older Angels (and the shipping is often startlingly fast if you're in the UK). I ordered it in a 28J, as the 28JJ was sold out and I figured I would fit it fine if I altered the center gore. The black/raspberry Angel is so beautiful. It’s the prettiest shade of dark, rich pink and the lace is a really wonderful quality. I like this one so much that the black and ivory one has been sitting in my drawer, abandoned.

I am happy to have found a Curvy Kate bra that not only fits, but really SUITS me. It’s also refreshing to have a bra that doesn’t have any flowers on it. Don’t get me wrong, I love flowers and floral designs, but it’s great to add some variety. I would definitely recommend trying the Angel because it is so pretty in person. However, because of the all-over embroidery, it does run a bit smaller than other Curvy Kate bras and is much less forgiving. So if your boobs are full on top, I would say go up a cup size from the size you wear in other Curvy Kate bras (for me, this means two sizes up from the size I wear in lower-cut Panache balconettes). In fact, I would suggest possibly trying a cup size up even if your boobs are fuller on the bottom.

I think the design of the Angel makes it look endlessly interesting in various colorways. I like this one, coming up in the Spring/Summer 2012 collection:

I also think these colors from the Autumn/Winter 2011 collection are eye-catching and attractive.

Who knew the “Angel” would be my favorite unpadded Curvy Kate so far? 


  1. I know it isn't the colour you requested but:

    And I see what you mean about the light blue Angel being very similar to the Debenhams bra I tried ;-)

  2. How tight is the band? If I usually need a 28 band, could this go with 30?