Sunday, 30 October 2011

The Curvy Kate "Ella": Another Success

After my luck with the “Angel”, I decided to buy it in a second color, and since Brastop was doing free shipping, I got some other things to try as well. I noticed the “Ella” was back in stock in Ivory/Coral in a 28J and decided to try it. I needed a new Ivory colored bra because my Panache “Confetti” wasn’t too happy with me after I wore it literally every day for the whole summer. I had bought a ton of matching underwear so I wanted another bra in the same color.

I really wasn’t wild about the floral design on the “Ella” from the online photos. I sort of thought it looked like something a kindergartener would draw. But I do crave novelty so I decided to jump on the crazy train and give it a shot.
When the “Ella” arrived, I was thrilled to see that it didn’t look at all like a child’s scribbling! I’ve included some of my own photos, but even these can’t really communicate how pretty it is, I think it’s just a bra that you have to see in person to know how attractive it is. 

It also gave me a really good shape. In the “Angel”, the ribbon did cut into my boobs a little bit, and I really would do better in a 28JJ, but the “Ella” fit perfectly in the J-cup as there is nothing stiff going across the top of the cup at all. It also gives a nice rounded shape, more so than the “Angel” and almost as good as the Panache “Confetti” (nothing is really QUITE as good as the “Confetti” at giving a round shape). As you can see from this side view, the “Ella” is the tiniest bit pointy but it looks rounder than this under tight stretchy clothes, which is really all I wear anyway. 
Panache "Confetti"

Curvy Kate "Ella"

The “Ella” is definitely the best of the Curvy Kate bras I tried. It’s not as sexy as the “Angel” but more of a heavy lifter. The “Ella” is discontinued, so I may buy the other two colors while Brastop still has them in my size. I have to admit those colors (pictured below) look pretty crazy to me from the online photos, but my experience with the Ivory "Ella" has me convinced that maybe I just need to see them in person.

Also, I’m fairly convinced that the new Flirtelle “Dahlia”, pictured below, which comes in black, white and nude, is the same style as the “Ella” because they have exactly the same floral pattern and embroidery. So I’ll probably give the “Dahlia” a try soon too.


  1. Wow, I think the Ella looks great. I know the Confetti is your favorite bra, but I think the Ella actually looks better, at least under your cami. With the Ella you have more lift, you look less bulky, and your waist is better-defined.

    At least under the cami, the Ella doesn't look pointed to me. It's just not a perfect hemisphere, But I wouldn't call it pointy; maybe that's the cami softening it.

    I love the way the Ella looks, especially the blue/orange, but I am afraid that I would find the wires on Curvy Kate too wide, so I've never ordered one.

  2. The wires on my Curvy Kate bras are even wider than the ones on my Panache bras (which many people find too wide). I don't mind wide underwires, but if you're not into them you might struggle with Curvy Kate (the Showgirl bras have narrower wires though).

    Looking at the pictures again I think you're right that the Ella gives more uplift, although part of that is the fact that the Confetti I'm wearing is REALLY old and worn out so the band rides up a bit in the back. I think it was a bit better when it was new.

  3. It's sad when our favorite bras get stretched out. Have you tried Venusian Glow's trick for blocking a bra band? If it is just the band, and not the cups, that is all stretched out, her trick might help you to get some more life out of it.

    It appears the actual page is down, so here is a google cache:

  4. Ooh, that is a useful tutorial, thanks! I have tried to do something somewhat similar to that before, but the method I tried to use was too complicated and didn't work very well. I may need to try out this more straightforward method.

  5. I like my Ella bra for the most part; however, I've noticed that even with a tight band, I don't feel supported. I altered the center gore and it improved the shape a bit at first, but after a day or two I feel flatter and kind of saggy. It's like the cups are pushing my breasts in and down. :( I'm wearing a 28H. I tried a 28J (before the 28H) and the cup was huge. I also tried a 30H in the Emily bra. The cups were a bit too big and the band could be tightened all the way. The shape of the Emily bra was also saggy. I don't know if Curvy Kate bras just aren't compatible with my shape or what. I think that my breasts are fuller on bottom. I have ordered a Panache Cleo Lucy bra and a Bonnie bra both in a 28H. Hopefully I'll have better luck with them.

    1. I think you probably will have better luck. I've actually started to find the same problems over time in my Ella--it almost feels as though the straps have stretched out, because I can no longer shorten them enough to get the same shape, but I think what has actually stretched out is the mesh in the upper section. Plus the straps should be lifting from the bottom of the cup but they seem to just lift across it, giving a shape similar to what you describe. It's been a disappointment. I've always had better luck with Cleo myself in terms of better lift and shape, so I hope you will as well.

  6. I just adore my Ella bra. I have it in the navy/orange variety. It's so sad that Curvy Kate has discontinued this line! I almost want to petition them to bring it back. The Flirtelle "Dahlia" might be the same bra, but in NO way are the colors comparable! :( Visually, my Ella bra is just GORGEOUS and I'm really very upset that Curvy Kate is not producing them anymore.