Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Bras I Hate: The Panache "Eliza"

Panache is usually the only brand I can wear, so I’m sorry to hate on them, but there are a few weaknesses in their products that have bothered me for a long time. Witness the “Eliza”:

It suffers, of course, from the same problem as the Fantasie “Belle” I described in my last post—not much shape or support. I do think it’s rather more attractive than the “Belle”, and I actually wouldn't be ashamed to be caught dead in it. It must be noted, though, that the upper section is double-lined in larger cup sizes, so the whole bra is opaque black and less flattering, something they normally don’t mention clearly in advertising descriptions.  

The other problem with this bra is that it is literally the most painful one I’ve ever worn. It’s not even due to my wonky ribs sticking out. When I owned this bra and wore it regularly, I weighed a bit more, so I had a lot more “padding” around that area,  and none of my bras hurt me back then—except the “Eliza”. It had this stiff band extending beneath the bottom of the underwire, which conveniently isn’t pictured here, so I take it that’s another addition for the larger cup sizes (thanks!). This band rolled under the cups during the day and cut into me sharply, since it was lined with some sort of thick thread/torture device. The straps were made of a very similar material and cut in so much that I gave up on wearing the bra merely due to discomfort long before I discovered that there were more visually flattering options than this. 


  1. I find Panache bras push my boobs out underneath my armpits. Never a good look.

  2. I have the Eliza as well.... thankfully I bought it from the sale rack for under $20 because, like you, I don't like this bra AT ALL. My biggest beef is the shape, or lack thereof, that it gives, and the lace at the top of the cups is not in the least bit supportive, so my breasts want to fall into the middle, escaping from the cup - not so attractive :P