Friday 6 April 2012

What Does Panache Have to Offer? (Brand Overview)

I had a really great response to my overview of the different types of bras Freya offers, so I want to move next to another major brand, and my personal favorite, Panache. I’ll also talk about Panache’s Cleo line because since they’re made by the same people, there are a lot of similarities that you may find useful.

In my overview of Freya I wrote that their bras are easy-to-wear and a good “starter brand”. In my experience, Panache is a bit trickier to crack as a brand. When I was just starting out with well-fitted bras, my sister and I used to call Panache the “false friend” because their bras often seemed perfect in a dressing room, but became problematic with wear--rubbing, slipping, cutting in. I've since realized that this is mainly due to the fact that I didn't know how to fix small problems with bras, or needed a different size in some styles than in others. I wear different sizes in different Panache bras, I alter many of my Panache and Cleo bras to get a better fit, and some of the shapes I can’t wear at all even if they do come in my size. Generally speaking, Panache’s different styles have a lot more variation in cup design, seam location, etc than you’ll see in Freya. This means that some styles will work for a certain shape while some won’t. But fortunately, it also means that if one Panache shape didn’t work for you, others probably will. My goal here is to try to show which styles are similar and whom they might work for. In my opinion, buying Panache bras requires a bit more savvy and/or experience, but I also think it is definitely worth it as the results are stellar when it works out. Now that I've figured out what works for me in Panache, they are typically the brand that suits me best. 

To start off, one of Panache’s most classic styles is the Tango balconette. There are two basic manifestations, the Tango Classic, which comes in continuity colors, and the Tango II, which has a leaf pattern and has come in many colors over the years.

Tango Classic Balconette

Tango II Balconette

Although these bras are referred to as balconettes, the seam pattern is closer to what is traditionally used in a full-cup bra. It has two lower sections and an upper section that connects to the strap, like this: 

On most balconettes, the outer bottom section also connects to the strap, like this:

Because of the full-cup-esque construction, I personally find that I don’t get as much uplift as I would like in the Tango bras and the shape is a bit triangular from the side. The fabric is also fairly stiff so a poor fit can be very noticeable. However, this bra is also very popular and a favorite among loads of people I have talked to, so it is worth trying on if you can find it in a shop, or sold online with the possibility of returns.

Both Tango bras also come in plunge versions

These are more a staple than a va-va-voom type plunge, as they tend to minimize the amount of cleavage shown. If you naturally have close-set boobs and/or lots of cleavage, you might find that these bras work against your shape. I personally find the shape I get in the Tango plunge to be very similar to what I get in the Tango balconette—a bit triangular as it pushes the upper part of my boobs down. The Tango is not ideal for full-on-top boobs. But again, I think this is a bra that is worth trying if you have reasonable access to it. The Erin plunge also has a similar shape, as well as the new Eden:


A lot of the bras Panache makes are full-cup bras such as the Melody full-cup, Ariza, Eliza (marketed as a balconette but constructed like a full-cup), Carmel, Fern, Paloma, Elsa, Loretta, and the discontinued but still widely available Harmony full-cup. 

Melody Full-cup





Harmony full-cup
Again, these bras have the seam pattern I described with respect to the Tango balconette—the bottom section does not come up to meet the strap, so there is not as much lift from the bottom. The shape you’ll get from these bras is therefore a bit more “natural” looking and relaxed. I’m personally not a huge fan of full-cup bras in general because I like to have my boobs closer to my body and full-cup bras don’t hold them in as much. However, they are very supportive (support and lift are not precisely the same thing) and tend not to allow much cleavage to show, so they can be practical for work, etc.

Panache also makes some full-cup bras that have a side support panel included, like the Andorra and the Emily (which is marketed as a balconette). 


These bras give the support of a full-cup bra but with more lift and generally a more compact shape. I haven’t tried the Emily, which is a newer style, but I can vouch for the Andorra. It’s made with very soft lace and gives a good shape—not as rounded as a balconette shape, but in between that and the more relaxed shape most people get in a full-cup bra. I would highly recommend the Andorra for people looking for a full-cup bra.

My favorite style of Panache bra is their bras with a true balconette shape, including the Harmony, Confetti, Melody, and Sienna

Harmony balconette


Melody balconette

You can identify these bras by the outer bottom section that comes up to meet the strap--this shape:

This allows for more uplift and a wonderful round shape. They are fairly low-cut and very open on top so they are perfectly suited to full-on-top boobs. Those with a full-on-bottom shape might need to size down to avoid gapping in the top of the cup. These bras are the Panache equivalent of the balconette construction that the majority of Freya bras have, but Panache bras are much more delicate-looking in the larger sizes and cover far less skin. I refer again to the comparison of my 28J Freya Clarissa and 28J Panache Confetti.

Left, Freya Clarissa; Right, Panache Confetti
I love both bras but I think this image says a lot about the differences between the two companies. I wish Panache would make more bras with this construction because they do it as well or better than anyone else.

Finally, Panache makes molded T-shirt bras such as the Porcelain, which comes in a plunge version up to H cups and a regular version up to G cup. 

Porcelain plunge
Both come in black, white, and nude, as well as occasional colored manifestations and some that have lace, but unfortunately I’ve never tried them on. There is a strapless version as well. The Porcelain also comes in the slightly more decorative "Viva" version:

Porcelain Viva
As you can see, Panache makes a lot of bras that are practical and sensible, so if you are looking for something a bit more wild and exciting, look to Cleo. Cleo is a really great line that makes a lot of excellent bras. My one major dislike is that all the Cleo bras have just two hooks in back, even in the high cup sizes, whereas many of the Panache bras have three, which I would prefer. Cleo bras also only go up to J cup (and some don’t make it that high) unlike some Panache bras that go up to K cup; however, most Cleo bras do come in 28 bands.

Many Cleo bras are made with a similar construction to the true balconettes I mentioned above (Panache’s Harmony, Confetti, Melody, Sienna). These include Brooke, Eleanor, Bonnie, Frances, Chloe, and the upcoming Marcie. There are small differences between the fits of these bras but in general they give a very round shape, and like the similar Panache bras they are low-cut and open on top, hence perfect for full-on-top boobs.





The Lucy (my favorite bra) is very similar to these bras.

It has a slightly tighter upper section, so full-on-tops might experience slight cutting in (I counter this by taking in the center gore, which turns the cups so there is more space at the top).

The older George and Lizzie bras are also a fairly similar shape, but with more space at the apex, so I find the shape they give has more projection but isn’t quite as round.

Cleo bras with this shape are distinguishable by the extra fabric that continues under the cups in the middle.

Another slightly different Cleo shape is found in the Sasha and Alexa bras. The cups are constructed similarly to the above balconettes, but like the George and Lizzie they have a continuation of the band underneath the cups in front, where most Cleo balconettes just have the cups connected to the gore and to the band on the sides. This is actually a really great feature, because it stops the underwires from warping with the stretch of the band and makes bras a bit more heavy-duty and well-made.



I’ve unfortunately never tried these bras, but both have received rave reviews from those who have. I was initially worried that the lace across the top might cut in on my full-on-top boobs, but the feedback I’ve heard from those who have tried it is that it actually suits that shape well, while those who have less volume in the top might experience a bit of gapping. I find myself wondering if the upcoming red Marcie bra I pictured above might also belong in this category, as like these bras it has the section under the cups that prevents the wires from warping. I'll have to try them all out before I'll know for sure.

Another strong offering from Cleo is their two-section padded bras, the Juna, Sadie, Sadie longline, Rita, Poppy, Martha, Ellie, and the upcoming Darcy.


Sadie longline





These bras only go up to H cup but are a great option for those who fit them. The shape, in my opinion, is fairly similar to the unpadded balconettes with a lot of openness at the top so they are forgiving for full-on-top boobs, but also wearable for most other shapes. Lots of people seem to get on well with these bras. One annoying issue is that the lace tends to poke outwards rather than lying flat, but this will disappear under fitted clothes.

Cleo also offers a smooth, non-sectioned plunge bra called the Jude, which I’ve never tried due to its smaller size range. 

Just from the what I can see of the shape in this photo, I feel as though it might not work for my full-on-top shape, but who knows?

Similarly, I haven’t tried out Cleo’s seamed padded plunge bras, like the Molly, Penny, Sally, Billie, and Toni, either.  





The wires on Panache and Cleo bras tend to be fairly wide, particularly on the unpadded styles. If you don’t like wide underwires, you will want to either try bending the wires for comfort, or skip these bras altogether. Panache bras also tend to have wider center gores than Freya or Curvy Kate bras. This is good for wider-set boobs, but those with close-set boobs may want to perform this easy alteration to pull the cups closer together.  I find the bands run fairly similar to Freya bands, and between Freya and Panache/Cleo balconettes the cup sizing is often rather similar as well (personally, I usually find I am somewhere in between a 28HH and 28J, or between a 30H and 30HH, in both brands). Panache bras nearly always have thinner straps than Freya balconettes (especially the older ones) in high cup sizes, which is something that I am really grateful for. Panache bras also tend to be a bit cheaper than other brands at full price, and Cleo bras even more so, which is definitely an appealing prospect! 


  1. Love this post! I just learned a lot about bra construction :)

  2. Great overview! I have to say I was really turned off from Panache at the beginning too after trying the Tango and Sienna. However, after sewing the center gore together it really made a difference! I'm still not a big fan of all wide the wires are and how tall the cups are but sewing the center gore made such a difference that I'm still to try others in the future (mostly the Cleo bras probably)...

    1. Funny, the Tango II and Sienna are the only bra's I can ware (40J is perfect)

  3. About center gores and distances... When I've compared the larger cup versions of Freya bras with corresponding sizes of full band (those that have the bottom elastic all the way round, like George, Lizzie, Sasha) the Cleo ones are actually closer, both at the top and at the bottom. While the partial band bras (Lucy, Confetti, Sienna) have really wide center gores, I think the full band ones are the most narrow available out there in larger cup sizes. :) So, that is another dimension worth considering when choosing a Panache/Cleo bra.

    By the way, you haven't include Masquerade here. Have you ever tried their bras? Though their wires are really strong and definitly need bending atleast their balconette cups are very generous and the bands tight so a 30H could fit you? Anyway, their full band bras have bridges very similar to the full band Cleo bras (=very narrow).

    Molly was great on me, mainly because the wires are so close there too, actually even closer than on Ewa Michalak plunges which have had the record before. :)

    So, the Panache brand has wide bridges, narrow bridges, full cup bras, plunge bras, balconette bras, open top edges, tight top edges and so on. Which though, as you say, makes it a lot harder to find the right size and style, but there is a much bigger chance that there is actually one available. :)

    1. Ah, thanks Helena, that's interesting about the center gore width. I will edit my article to reflect that. I guess I've never really tried any of the Cleo bras with a full band in front other than the George.

      I considered including Masquerade, but I have never tried any of their bras so I figured I didn't have much to add. Perhaps I will include a line saying that their bands run tight because that could definitely be useful for readers :)

  4. I actually dug my Sasha out of the bottom of my drawer and wore it today after reading this. thanks!

    You're right about the gaping for those with bottom-heavy boobs on this one. I have it in my "standard" Panache/Cleo size of 30G and there is just slight gaping at the top of the cup. Not enough to go down a cup size for though (at least for me).

    I too was wondering (as the above poster mentioned) why you did not include Masquerade. But I guess if you haven't tried any, it would be difficult to add much more than an observation. I've actually had the opposite problem with Masquerade than most people though. I have the Coco bra in a 30 band and I think the band runs large (I measure about 30.5-31 in around my rib cage and nearly always wear a 30). But maybe it's just me, because every other review I've read has said they found them to run tight.

    1. Maybe the band does run loose on just that one bra? I've mostly heard about the band running small with regards to the Anise and Lula Mae as well as a couple others, but I haven't heard that in regards to the Coco so it could be that the Coco is different.

  5. Thank you so much for this, I am often curious about all the styles but haven't had the chance to inspect the categories/construction breakdowns.

    I really do not have the Freya shape, so find Panache a bit more forgiving- I adore their Porcelain bras (although the Jude is a terrible fit) and am curious about the Cleo Juna and similar bras. I am really not a lace person, though.

  6. Another amazing post. I find these to be super helpful, as I live in a place where I cannot find most of these bras so I need to be really informed beforehand because I can't return them.

    I've had the opportunity to try on the Tango Balconette, Tango Plunge and the Cleo Chloe. The Tango Balconette didn't work for me at all, but the plunge did. The Cleo Chloe was great on me, especially compared to my Freya Frankie, so I'm beginning to wonder if I have fuller on top boobs. Ah, the adventure of learning about your boobs!

    1. I'm glad you found one that worked well for you! Good luck with your future purchases--it's so hard when you aren't able to return things, but hopefully you'll be able to find more bras that work well for you.

    2. I live in the US and the stores that sell big cup bras here will charge $80 for anything decent. But I have no problem with going to those stores just to try them on. When I find one I like then I go home and buy it from one of the UK sellers on eBay, usually saving more than half of what it would cost to buy them at a store here. Then I simply re-list those that don't work for me. There are always buyers. I may end up losing the cost of shipping, but it's still better than paying the inflated prices charged by Nordstrom and others.

    3. You realize that smaller bra stores will go out of business if too many people do that, right? They're not offering a free fitting service for you to use and then go elsewhere to buy. Obviously it's a bit different with Nordstrom and big places like that, but if they see no one is buying the bras, they'll stop stocking them.

      Look, I understand not being able to afford $80 for a bra--I certainly can't so I don't go to those stores unless I'm with my mom and she's offering to buy something for me. I'm concerned by the fact that you 'have no problem' going to shops and using them to determine fit, knowing you won't purchase anything. I would personally feel rude doing that.

    4. I really enjoy your blog, but I'm surprised by judgmental your above comment is. Being a small business owner myself, I can tell you that window-shoppers are a normal part of doing business (i.e., less than half the people through our doors actually make a purchase). If Anonymous can't afford an $80 bra, she's not going to buy one at "Small Store". So her decision to window shop there has no impact on Small Store's sales, as they weren't getting her business either way.

      We thrive by offering a great product a price affordable to our target market, using effective advertising. "Small Store" won't go out of business if it has a good business model. And if it does go under, that's the owner's fault, not the consumer's.

    5. I really enjoy your blog, but I'm surprised by judgmental your above comment is. Being a small business owner myself, I can tell you that window-shoppers are a normal part of doing business (i.e., less than half the people through our doors actually make a purchase). If Anonymous can't afford an $80 bra, she's not going to buy one at "Small Store". So her decision to window shop there has no impact on Small Store's sales, as they weren't getting her business either way.

      We thrive by offering a great product a price affordable to our target market, using effective advertising. "Small Store" won't go out of business if it has a good business model. And if it does go under, that's the owner's fault, not the consumer's.

  7. Hi, I just qot my first Panache - cleo Lizzie 32 GG and I really like the shape. Fit isn't perfect though. I think i could use a band size smaller and the cup is roomy, but i think getting a smaller one woud give a quadriboob cause I'm really full on top. I messure 29'' in the ribcage and 40'' overbust, do you think I need a smaller bandsize? And can someone please reccomend a bra that has the same coverage, uplifted and round shape AND has 3 rows of hooks?

    1. If you measure 29" around the underbust, you probably will be happier in a 30 band rather than a 32, so it might be good to try a 30H. Since you say the cups are a bit roomy in the 32GG, you could also try a 30GG, which will be a cup size smaller, and if it does cut in at the top, you can try taking in the center gore, which will generally give you a little more space at the top of the cup and make it more open there. But you might find that you are okay with the 30H since a tighter often pulls the cups a tiny bit tighter as well. The best approach would probably be to try both sizes on if you are able to (if there are not stores where you are, perhaps you could order both sizes and return one?).

      I'm right there with you on wanting three hooks! I find it gives better support that way. Unfortunately all the Cleo bras have only two hooks, but some of the Panache bras have a similar shape and cut. You might like the Harmony, Melody, or Sienna--you will probably find, though, that the center gores are a bit wider than that of the Cleo Lizzie. I find personally that the Freya Antoinette gives a really nice rounded shape comparable to the shape I get in my favorite Panache and Cleo bras, so that might be worth a try as well; you might be able to find a bargain with returns allowed on eBay if you are interested in trying that one.

    2. I have a Lizzie too. It is one of my widest bras (in terms of wide cups.) And it has more coverage than any other bra I own.

      I suggest the Andorra, though it has a little less coverage on top. It gives a similar shape to the boobs, but the cups are more narrow, and it is very open on top so boobs that are fullest there look great in it. It has three rows of hooks in your size.

      I also think that the Lizzie runs tight in the band, so you could get away with a 30. But you can't assume sister sizing in Panache, at all, so your cup size would be just a guess.

      The Lizzie is discontinued so you won't be able to find it in stores :(

  8. Thanks, your blog has been a real eye opener for me :) I still dont get the gore thing. I have teally close set breasts and nothing really sits flat on the breastbone. How does a weider gore influence shape? Also, what would you say is the moste comfortable of the three panache bras suggested? As for antoinette, i ordered a 38 H for my aunt and it looked quite pointy on her o.O maybe thats just in such a big size, dunnow. :/

    1. If you have close set breasts, a wide gore may be what prevents the gore from sitting flat on the breastbone, because there isn't room for it to sit flat in between. A wider gore doesn't really influence shape, just location--with a wider gore your boobs will be held further apart, with a narrower one they will be pulled in towards the center more.

  9. Hi! Your entire blog is super helpful, and has inspired me to re-try Panache after I'd written them off because the Tango doesn't suit me at all :). Just two quick questions: did you/do you take in the centre gore of your Confetti bras? And how small would you say the Sienna runs in the cup, eg if I'm a GG/H, would you advise purchasing an H or a HH? Thanks for your time!

    1. I don't need to take in the gore on my Confetti because I don't get cutting in at the top, but I have done it anyway just because I prefer a narrower gore.

      I would generally say go up one cup size in the Sienna. If you are between sizes, it may be enough to try the H, though--depending which brands you usually need the GG vs. the H in. I would advise a cup size up from any similarly shaped Panache bras, if you have any.

    2. Thank you very much!

  10. Hi! Will you be reviewing any fantasie bras any time soon? Im really interested in their molded cups and also the famous strapless bra. What are your thoughts on strapless bras?

    1. I actually have not tried many Fantasie bras at all! It may be worth a trip to Debenhams so I can at least try on a few to review before I return to the USA.

  11. You forgot the panache sports bras, i cant wait to get the new one, they promise 83% less bounce o.O

    1. I just tried it and will review it soon. It didn't work well for me but that was an issue of size, not the bra itself, the bra itself is really a marvel, and I've never gotten such a wonderful shape in a sports bra before!

  12. Wow! This is impressive. Tons of useful info!

    It would be even more helpful if you felt like noting what the maximum size available is in the different ranges, since there is such variety.

    I'm so annoyed with Panache stopping at all different points!
    I generally need a 32K in Panache so all the lovely bras that stop at a J are just taunting me!!! The Andorra and Emily sound perfect for me, as I do really well with side-support bras and I generally prefer the strap angle/placement of a fullcup (balconies, especially Panache ones, the straps are basically in my armpits and angled past the outsides of my shoulders, but I've tried the Melody, Harmony, Eliza, Ariza, etc. and those don't work either) so a fullcup-shaped bra with side support from Panache would be awesome!
    Except it seems to stop at a J. (So I can't even see if a 34 would be good enough, because I would still need a JJ. I'm soooo tempted to try a 34J or even a 36J and see if I could take it in or something, just because it sounds so perfect.) The Emily, especially looks really lovely. You mentioned it's a newer style, I wonder if they'll add sizes at all?

    Also the damn sports bra!

    Um, I guess I just wanted to rant about Panache bras that don't go up to K. (or why stop at K? why not keep going?) uh, in the spirit of the blog I guess? ;)

    ~raspberryleaf (on bratabase)

    1. sorry, I realized that might have sounded really snarky. Not my intention! I just meant if you wanted to add the size ranges it would be awesome! (sorry if it came off wrong)

    2. Don't worry, it did not sound snarky! I agree that it would be helpful to have the size ranges in there. It is something I will try to add in when I have some free time. These big overview posts are so time-consuming to do that I just didn't quite get around to adding in the size ranges, but hopefully that will be something I can do in the future.

    3. As a 40K I hear you! :) (I wish they would do the larger sizes for sports bra)

  13. Fantastic!
    Thank you!
    ps. Your quick alteration has helped a couple of bras immensely - thank you!

  14. I have a Panache Mae Bikini with Balconnet bra, I was so happy that I found a suportive bra in my size, 34/75 H,it fitted when I tried it on, but when I strated to wear it, I am totally unhappy with it since it total pain an unconfortable, the underwire cuts on the size when I lay down and the straps are way to narrow to carry the weight and cut in....

  15. I actually recommend the Andorra to people who want a balcony bra. That is how I ended up with it: I wanted only balcony bras, but the SA brought me the Andorra because it is cut so low and straight across the top. I don't understand at all why Panache calls it a full-cup; it is cut lower than some of my balconettes. For example, the Tango and the Eliza and the Lizzie all have more coverage than the Andorra. If Andorra's straps were wider, it would be my very favorite bra.

  16. I would definitely agree with your overview about Freya, highly recommended brand!

  17. Hi! I just bought my first full-bust bra--Cleo "Poppy" in 36F--and although it's beautiful and I love the shape, I'm having some doubts about the fit. I measure around 34-35" underbust and 41" over the bust, and in the 36F I'm getting some definite quadraboob. It's much more noticeable on one side, probably because I'm slightly asymmetrical. The fitter told me that it's because of the cut of the bra, but I'm not sure. The same fitter also wanted me to wear the back band at the same level as my waist, so I took a lot of what she had to say with a grain of salt. Should I try it in 34FF/G? I didn't think I had full-on-top boobs, but after two hours of trying on bras I'm starting to re-evaluate that assumption!

  18. I have the Cleo Jude and was worried about fit when I ordered it because I am extremely full on top, myself, but I am happy to report that this has not been an issue. However, I have very close set breasts and the model seems to have wider set ones, so that might also make a difference in how things fit. With the shape of my boobs and the extreme plunge, it's a pretty minimal coverage bra for me, with plenty of room for the fuller parts of my breasts to hang out and do their thing unimpeded.

  19. I've become quite smitten with Panache of late. Yet although my intention is to add more to my collection, so far I only have two bras produced by them (one a Cleo), so this post was extremely helpful, thank you! Especially the part about cup construction, you totally made a lightbulb go off in my head: it was like, "Oh!" :) It makes so much sense!!

  20. I agree with most of this post. I am full on top and the Tango bras are okay but I LOVE the Cleo Lucy and Panache's balcony bras in general. My only other comment is I have to say the Ariza bra fits me just as well as the balcony bras.

  21. Has anyone any ideas on how to stop the under-wires breaking through the fabric under your arms on the Panache Sportsbra? Obviously they should be made with the under-wire with a flat end, preventing the wire from working it's way out.

  22. I saw this response from Panache to a review of Andorra in May. Anyone know anything about this? It could finally make the brand wearable for me.
    Ok, can't see to paste, but they said they will be shortening the wires of this bra in the near future - & any other models they bring out!

  23. hello, I have a question you might know the answer to.
    I have 2 Panache Andorra in 38J, and they fit rather well. I believe they could be a half size bigger, but since the lace is stretchy they are ok.
    Now I bought Ariza 38JJ, and the cups are great but the underwire is a bit high and I feel it in my armpit.
    I also bought Harmony full cup 38J, but it's not good. On one part my boobs dont fit nicely, on the other part there is extra fabric.
    Do you think bending the wire on Ariza would work? Or can you suggest some other model that has similar cut but shorter wires?
    Thank you,

    1. Bending the wires outward a little at the corner will help stop them from cutting into you, but it won't do anything about the height. Fortunately, I do have an idea! Panache's new styles were made lower in the armpit this season. The Jasmine is modelled after the Andorra, has stretchy upper lace and is lower under the armpit. So you could try that in a 38JJ and probably wouldn't have the same problem with it being too high under the arm.

    2. thank you.

  24. Hi, thank you for the awesome post! i wonder if you have any advice for me? i have a couple Panache Tango II's and LOVE THEM simply because for the first time in my life i figured out how to measure myself (and not buy silly US bras) so i finally have the correct fit. However i'm finding that i want to branch out now and the thing i don't quite like about the Tango II's is a bit of gaping at the top because i'm DEFINITELY heavier on the bottom type boobs and sagging especially due to the 100 pounds of weight i just lost. i WISH i had fuller on top boobs but i certainly don't :( i wish the Tango II's had more uplift and was more cleavage promoting, otherwise i love them (but they're my first good fitting bras) do you have any recommendations especially in the Panache balconnete line that would have great uplift (rounded, close to the chest)that wouldn't emphasize the lack of fullness but make up for it? i've never tried a "push up" bra. I measure at 33 underbust (my Tango II's that i have are 34 and 36 and i wear them on the last hook, a bit loose, i'm wondering if i should try 32?)and 41 around the cup size. i was thinking the Cleo Marcie, maybe?? i do like the 3 hook on the Tango II but would like a better fit.
    i hope this question made sense, thank you for your time and any advice!

  25. I wonder if you can assist me in my quest. I adore the panache confetti and am trying to source a new one 32GG however as discontinued am unable to find one. I love the fit, that it shows some cleavage and is rather pretty. As you seem to have so much experience in the different makes of bras can you recommend a new brand or style

  26. I have the Panache Tango Plunge in 30H. It gives my boobs a horrible pointy shape, not at all sexy (the point shape is not complete so the top is flat) AND it is absolutely not confortable. I could wear 28 though bought it in 30 and still it is damn painful on my ribs. This bra has made me want to flee Panache. I might try a Cleo line once though before completely giving up. Anyway, many thanks for your amazing blog!

  27. This is a great post, particularly pointing out the difference in the balcony styles. I couldn't understand why a style I previously loved was so wrong. Hopefully I can get it right now without wasting any more money.

  28. HELP!!! Anyone have any suggestions for me? After trying on many, many bras, the only one that seems to come close to a good fit is the panache Eden plunge. I tried a ton of freya-fantasie and they do not work for me-at all! Myself, like the other poor souls on here, live 2 hours away from the nearest place that fits and sells the bigger size bras so I am forced to buy online- and pay the shipping to have them returned- i lose $8 ever time I return one and I am going broke! The Eden was the only one that had wider underwires, deeper cups, and a low center gore. I ordered a 30G, the band was pretty tight and the center gore ALMOST sat at my sternum, it was on my breast tissue. SO SAD! I loved how it was the only bra in existence that would have fit me! I am not sure what size to order next a 30GG, 30H,32G? the people i got it from do not have anymore so its getting hard to find! Need to know do i go up in band size, or cup size or both? IM CONFUSED! was told that going up in band size would give a bigger cup size? the 30 was tight, but if the cup was a little bigger (it sat PERFECT at my sides) but that gore was needing to be a little bigger? Also are there any panache bras that are similar to the eden with wide wires, low gore and deep cups? Any suggestions would be appreciated!

  29. hi im from India. I have never try panache before . im confused what size should i get it, it seems to be different from the other brands i have used so far. and im thinking of buying panache through online cause the option is less in my place. my size is 32/40. please help

  30. I can assure you the Cleo Jude bra is not a good fit for those who are full-on-top.

    I ordered it in what I thought might be a size too big in the cup (28FF, I'm 28 and a little bit under the bust and 36 around and have been wearing a 32C for waaay too long), but the price was right and it was my first well-fitted bra. I got the dreaded quadboob, especially noticeable on one side, and it was waaaaaay too tall in the cup. The band was a nice fit though, and for the first time my straps stayed put instead of slipping off my shoulders every ten minutes.

    In fairness, I am under five feet tall, but it seemed as though the bottom of the cup was folding in on itself a little and the top was cutting into my armpit. A bit of a disappointment - I need a slightly padded/molded bra, as my nipples constantly stick out since I breastfed for two years. If anyone has any recommendations for me I'd love to hear them!

  31. Thank you. I really enjoy reading your posts and seeing all those great bra's (love all of them). It amazes me how a different cut makes all the difference to how the final result is.

  32. What bra do you recommend for someone with close set breasts. I wear a 38G and I cannot find a bra with a gore that will rest on my chest. I want so badly to find a comfortable bra.

  33. Wow! These are the wonderful forms of bra brands. I like all those. Can we get this white colored bra, on which some dotted flowers are designed, in any other dark color. Actually I want it for my favorite dark coffee colored dress soon.

  34. I love this post. I am a 40-42 J/K and bras are a nightmare. I realise we are totally opposite ends of the spectrum in many ways but your post has given me some guidance in what to look for. I just found my first Harmony six months ago and loved it only to find out (when its underwire busted) that they are nearly 5yrs discontinued!! Shattered, will be trying something else instead now!