Thursday 23 August 2012

A Mystery Bra Appears On eBay!

Ladies, I have an interesting tidbit of "bra gossip" for you. Remember the great fanfare for the Curvy Kate Smoothie, the "first ever molded bra up to a J-cup"? Well--looks like there's something else floating around out there. Behold:

That's a not a picture of me, by the way. (I WISH I was that tan...) Instead, this is the photo accompanying an eBay listing of a MOLDED bra that goes up to a J cup... just like the Smoothie, except this one goes up to a J cup in more band sizes (and up to a HH in a 40 band). Here's the link to the listing. There doesn't seem to be any risk that these are "US Sizes" and thus smaller than they sound, because it's a British listing.

At this point we're all scratching our heads and saying "What on earth is this bra and who makes it and why haven't we heard about it?" The brand is listed as Full-filled. I have a few theories about this brand, which has popped up here and there. One of the bras I've commonly seen by Full-filled is this one, the "Angel Sweet", which I've seen on Brastop and eBay:

A Curvy Kate model, Laura Butler, is pictured in a Full-Filled bra--the plot thickens. Of course, Laura also models for Brastop so the plot doesn't really thicken that much. Except... it looks a heck of a lot like the Flirtelle "Divine" with the colors reversed:

Now, in case you're losing me here, Flirtelle is Curvy Kate's "sister brand"... more or less exactly the same thing as Curvy Kate, but less marketed and sold only at Brastop at lower prices. I'm not really sure why they do that but hey, why complain if it means continuity colors at lower prices? My theory is that Full-filled is either an old name for Flirtelle, or an even lower link on the food chain... a brand through which Flirtelle/Curvy Kate can test out prototypes without putting a bigger name on the line, or a brand through which they can sell off the bras that they aren't going to market.

See where I'm going with this? I'm curious if this molded-up-to-a-J-cup dark horse Full-filled bra is some kind of prototype for the Curvy Kate Smoothie. And, since the Smoothie hasn't even come out yet, I'm kind of fascinated. Hmmm....


Of course, my theory could be totally wrong. And even if I'm right, this bra could be a much lesser version of the Smoothie, like an original, flawed version. But... it's pretty cheap. And it ships internationally. And I am JUST SO CURIOUS. I'm not planning to buy this bra because I'm trying NOT to buy any more new bras (of course, I know you are all going to try to convince me otherwise in the comments! Comment away and we'll see how strong my willpower is). But I didn't want it to pass by without my loyal readers being aware of this option, in case anyone wants to take the risk and try it out (the seller accepts returns). If you do try it, let us all know how it goes in the comments!

Updated to add: I just looked at my archives and noticed that every post I've done this month has an exclamation point at the end. I guess it's been an exciting month!


  1. Bra Detective!

    Thanks for the link! You got me thinking. Hm. Hmmm...

    Anyway, I just wanted to add my two cents - the only item I've tried from Full-Filled was a bikini top (it was for cheap on brastop), and, since my normal size 28HH was sold out, I went for a 28J... and it was waaay too big.

    However, 28J is my normal CK/Flirtelle size - so if full-filled is a sister brand, it would seem weird that they would have different sizing in different models... Off course, it might have been the fact that it was a very stretchy bikini top.

    1. On the other hand the CK swimwear are really really big in the cups...

    2. Oh, OK! More proof, in that case :)

    3. Thought i might help out here. I am a stockist of Full-filled lingerie and swimwear. I can assure you that they have nothing to do with Curvy Kate. They are developed in the UK but made in China as most brands are the moment. This bra has been in the planning stages for a number of years, but only in production recently. They will be a patterned version out later this year with a matching short.

  2. Me thinketh doth flattens too much. But hey, if anyone else wants to have a go at it...

  3. First of all, I would like to say that I have been a lurker for many months and I love this site and its tips.

    I admit that I do own 1 Fulfilled bra that I purchased at Brastop about 2 years ago. Since then, I have yet to see that brand. As a 42H, I look on Brastop (and its sister site: Lovebras) pretty much everyday for bras as they seem to get 1 bra at a time in my size so if I don't scoop it, someone else will.

    As for the Fulfilled bra: I do not wear it. I find the construction to be very flimsy. I like the ladies to be supported and not move that much. With the Angel, the straps are almost too flimsy, the band too stretchy and I feel like I jiggle in it. As well, it is one bra I will be trying to make a whole lot less pointy - I swear it is almost a cone bra.

    Besides that, I am tempted to get this bra and try it out. It doesn't cost that much. And it might work better than a Curvy Kate daily boost that I have.

  4. I've been wondering about that one too. It slightly reminded me of a Deco? Anyway, if it has anything to do with Curvy Kate - I'll be keeping my distance. Lovely to look at, but to wear? I have yet to find the CK shape that fits me. Have you noticed that they move to bigger cups only by making a bigger upper part of the cup??? I mean, if the upside down seven look is what you want, well, way to go CK.

  5. It looks like a Freya Deco to me. :-)

    Becky x

  6. I saw this bra as well, because I'm always looking on eBay (even when I can't afford a new bra... bad habit!). I was so tempted to buy it but was skeptical since I'm not familiar with the brand at all... Now that you've made this interesting bra public, maybe there will be more information on it and I can be convinced!

  7. Fullfilled is not a brand associated with CK or Flirtelle -

    Just to set the record Straight!

    Charlotte x

  8. I did some research on Full-Filled last year, and found that they are a discount store brand made in India. I don't think they are associated with CK/Flirtelle, except that they are sold by Brastop.

  9. The white one looks more like Freya Zeta knock off with reversed colored flowers.

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  12. Currently on sale on ebay for £13.56 excl postage!

  13. Haha,I saw that bra before and thought it looked like a nice simple basic bra that could possibly give a nice shape and cleavage if the picture is any indication.I may try it sometime as basic molded bras are something I'm always hunting for.

  14. I never dreamed there was a bra blog! Go figure... (no pun intended.)