Monday 14 December 2015

I'll Come Out of Hiding... tell you about how my boobs are in hiding!

I finally went through and moderated all the comments from over a year of not having the mental space for this blog. I laughed, I cried, I deleted robot sex spam. You guys are the best. I only went in to moderate the comments because I felt terrible that you spent time writing comments that weren't published, but along the way, I realized I can't stand the idea of not giving you all an update!

My boob-ambivalence is alive and well, but I've found a powerful ally in my quest for flowy crop tops. It happens to be one of the least beautiful bras ever made, and I'm beyond addicted to it. It's the one, the only, the Fantasie Esme. (See my old review here.)

The main problem with the Esme is that it was discontinued approximately six seconds after I discovered it. One week I bought two of them on eBay in a 32H for $20 a pop, and the next week when I went to buy 800 more of them, they had been scrubbed from the face of the internet.

Since then I've obsessively bought them in every sister size and altered the bands (the sizes below G only have two hooks and a slightly different shape, so buyer beware if you want to do this).

Just as a refresher course, this is what my boobs look like in a run-of-the-mill balconette and tight top:

Here's what my boobs like look in a Fantasie Esme and a flowy top.


They're in hiding, but I'm back... and I'm back to tell you ladies about how you, too, can take your big boobs undercover--if that's something you're into.