Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Curvy Kate "Smoothie" Review

After all the hoopla surrounding the release of the first J-cup (in two band sizes) molded bra, I knew I had to try it so I could review it for this blog. I don’t really wear padded or molded bras much, so it wasn’t a must-have for me, but the review does seem necessary.

I ordered the Smoothie from Brastop in size 28J. I would have preferred a 30HH rather than a 28J, as I don’t like super-tight bands, but Brastop was already sold out of that size. They have it on US Figleaves now at just $44, so I would recommend buying it from there if you're in the US to save a few bucks on shipping. Last I checked, they still have all the sizes in stock there. As to the cup size, I wanted to try either the 30HH, 28J, or 32H—those sister sizes are the same as the cup size that fits me in Curvy Kate’s unpadded balconette bras. By trying the same size that fits me in other Curvy Kate bras, I can accurately compare the differences in fit.

My first impression of the Smoothie is that it’s very different from the Freya Deco! The molding is thinner and a bit stiffer than the molding in the Deco. It is therefore less bulky, but also less soft. The center gore is also higher—the Smoothie has occasionally been listed as a plunge bra, but I wouldn’t really consider it a plunge. The center gore is neither very high nor very low.

The 28J was a perfect fit on me in the cups. The cup shape is very nice—round, but more natural than the almost-square look a lot of us get in super-round bras like the Masquerade Rhea, Cleo Juna, and Curvy Kate Tease Me/Thrill Me. I think this is a perfect shape to suit all preferences.

The cup shape is also very even. It fit my full-on-top boobs without cutting in, but it isn’t so open as to gape on boobs with less upper fullness, as the Freya Deco often does. I did have a little empty space in the bottom of the cup, as you can see here:

Likewise, those with full-on-the-bottom boobs might find they have a little extra space at the top of the cup. This is the classic issue with molded bras—they don’t have as much ability to take on the shape of the breast as non-padded bras. But I think the Smoothie has basically surmounted this issue by providing a shape that is in the middle and thus appropriate for most different shapes. Of course, this is just my guess; we will be able to see if it’s true as more and more people of different shapes try the Smoothie, but here’s Cheryl’s review at Invest in Your Chest. She has a very different shape from me and the Smoothie looks great on her. Brood at Brood’s Big Bras reviewed the Smoothie too and said that it seemed to be running big on everyone--apparently that is a consistent issue with the Australian shipments of the Smoothie, so if you're buying from an Australian retailer, you'll want to take that into account. For others, although lot of people are used to sizing up to  fit the Thrill Me and Tease Me, the Smoothie definitely is more forgiving in its shape, and has more space, than those bras. I would recommend going with your Curvy Kate unpadded size rather than your Showgirl size when trying the Smoothie.

The band felt like an average 28 band—not as loose as the Showgirl bras, nor as tight as the Angel, but about the same as the other Curvy Kate unpadded balconettes.

The print on the Smoothie is very subtle. It shows up a lot in flash photos, but when you are just looking at the bra in normal light, it’s less noticeable. That could be good or bad depending on what you’re looking for.

Although I don’t like molded bras myself, I’m really impressed by the Smoothie. It’s a big step forward for the full-bust market and I really hope that Curvy Kate brings it out in a wider range of cup sizes in the larger band sizes so it can serve the market more fully. I would whole-heartedly recommend the Smoothie for people who seek molded bras.  


  1. It looks great on you! :) I've also noticed that it isn't really a 'plunge'. I'd order it, but I don't really wear dark clothing much, so I guess I'll hold out for the nude version

  2. I really want to try this one still and since my Thrill ME in 30J is getting too small, this one might still work in 30J. It really does look great on you even though I know it's not necessarily the type of style you prefer. I want the pink one, though. :)

  3. Thank you! I'd been waiting for a few more reviews before I tried it myself (also I've ordered Too Many Bras so am waiting) and your details about shaping are just what I wanted!

  4. Thank you for the honest review. It seems like a pretty decent bra for even those who prefer non-padded and non-molded bras. It's always hard to find the right bra, especially when they expect you to fit into the mold they made for you.

  5. Hi, I hope you don´t mind a danish guy, being a big Bralover to say hello, and to share my opinion. I really like that bra, it looks very nice on you.

  6. I have been keeping an eye out on the bra, waiting til it comes out ebay in my size...but it's taking forever TT__TT (28J) it's on brastop, but the cost for worldwide shipping is just too much for me.. *sigh* but it's good to know this one runs more or less true to size...I would have tried the daily boost, but I think that one's more of a gamble in terms of getting the right size one shot. I've heard some say to size up in the cup, other's say it's just fine the way it is.

  7. Just got mine, and I really dislike it! Somehow it just didn't fit me right at all! I'm a 32HH in the Panache Andorra. This is my first Curvy Kate bra, so I don't know where to start!

  8. Hi! (: I'm thinking of purchasing a Smoothie soon and I was just hoping to get your fit advice. I measure a 28F (28 inch ribcage, 35 1/4 bust) and fit perfectly fine in Curvy Kate's Elegance in 28FF. The Emily in 28FF was too big for me.

    Reviewers have recommended sizing down the cup size, but others say it runs pretty true to size. I've checked Bratabase and noticed that the cup depth for the Smoothie is much deeper than the Elegance. Do you think I ought to size down or just order the Smoothie in 28F?

    Would love your help on this! (: thanks very much!

  9. This was my first CK bra . I am a pretty consistent 30F in most other brands. The 30F created MAJOR quadraboob ....but , I wasn't ready to give up yet (if it had any more of a plunge it wouldn't have worked at all. Can't do plunge). The only size left was the 28 G. The band is slightly tighter then I am used to, but otherwise fits really well. I love that I was finally able to find something moudled / not full coverage that still works for me!