Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Hang In There, I'll Be Back Soon

I just wanted to pop in and say hello to my readers and let you all know that I've been very busy with school, but new posts will start again after Thanksgiving. I should have quite a few things to tell you about at that point, because...

1. I have an Ewa Michalak HM Gold coming to me in the mail in size 32GG. From my experience with my HM Granotowy Motyl in 30GG, that's the size I'm guessing will fit me.

2. I've also ordered a Rococo Charm half-cup from Bravissimo in the ivory/ice pink color with hopes that it will really be a beige/nude color. I have been trying to find a good nude bra for ages... I had a nude Panache Harmony, but I'm sort of over the fit of the Harmony, so I then bought a nude Freya Deco, which I never wore because I hate padded bras and I hate plunge bras. The solution? An unpadded half-cup which will probably show no cleavage whatsoever because the center gores on those things come up basically to my chin!

3. Also on the way to me is one of Pepperberry's Button Trim Jersey Tops in the pale pink. This will be one of the VERY few Pepperberry items I've ever tried, so it should be an experience.

4. I also recently received the "And We're Live" dress from Modcloth, so there will be a review of that shortly. Modcloth's website has REALLY detailed product descriptions and reviews (with pictures!) which make it very easy to pick out the curve-friendly clothes. And a lot of their stuff isn't as expensive as you might expect (though much of it is rather more expensive than you'd expect)--I mostly troll the sale section.

5. Finally, I just ordered the Cleo Lucy in the navy/pink color using a Figleaves offer code. Maybe not so exciting to review, as I've reviewed the Lucy extensively in the past, but this will be my first Lucy in a 30H (my others are 28 bands). I'm attempting to revise my bra collection, gradually improving it over time while editing down the weak links. Part of this is phasing out too-tight bands.

Can you tell I had a bit of a shopping spree? It was my birthday recently, what can I say? Sorry to be such a tease, but I hope you all have a happy Thanksgiving, folks. See you after.


  1. first off, happy belated birthday! secondly, i just ordered the navy and pink Lucy too. i already have it in yellow and love it.

    too bad i missed out on the Bravissimo exclusive Lucy in lime green :(

  2. Happy belated brithday! Looking forward to your posts!

  3. Are you selling any bras that you don't wear anymore? I wear the same sizes in most brands as you do

  4. Happy belated birthday! If I came into some birthday money, I'd spend it on clothes and bras, too!

    I just got the Rococo Charm in the Ivory/Ice Pink color. I ordered the 28FF because they were out of the 28F, the size that fits me well in the Tanzania, their slightly newer half cup. I was shocked when the 28FF Rococo Charm fit perfectly! The reviewers who said the cups run small were right, at least for me. Did you order the 28HH? The center gore of the 28FF Rococo Charm dug in horribly when I first got it three days ago. The 28F Tanzania and the 28F Mademoiselle's center gores haven't. After I pushed the underwire all the way to the outside edges of the channel, higher under my arms, I bent the Rococo Charm center gore away from my chest.

    I'm going to be using my Rococo Charm as a nude bra. From the front, it's a very pale pinkish peach. The lining of the bra is partly the same pinkish color, but partly a slightly yellower color, though the same value. Unfortunately the part that is yellower looks dirty compared to the pinker part. Fortunately that part is not visible once you have the bra on.

    I too have fruitlessly searched for a nude bra these many months. My problem is I need wide underwires, and I hate warm beige. My skin is pale enough that I believe this Rococo Charm will work as a nude bra for me. I think it probably will on you, too.

  5. I love the look of the EM HM bras! I would probably wear unpadded bras more if they were all shaped like that! I'm usually put off by unpadded bras, and I think it's because many of them are an awful shape (ahem Freya. . .). Although,I do love the shape of many unpadded Cleo and panache bras. I just ordered a Lucy and am dying to try the Sienna! Looking forward to these reviews!

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  7. I'd love to read your review of the Modcloth dress...!