Friday, 20 July 2012

Updates and Thoughts

Thank you so much for all your comments on my last post. I didn’t intend to take such a long break after writing it, and I don’t want you to think that means I didn’t read the comments or take them seriously! I tend to write a lot of posts at once and queue them to post on a schedule. Sometimes, when these posts run out right when I get busy, there will be a bit of a dry spell before I have time to write more posts. I’m going to make it a goal to shorten or eliminate these dry spells, because I know it is disappointing for readers to check back over and over and not see any new posts.

Overall, the response to the post seemed to be that most people don’t really mind that I don’t engage much in social media, but that social media could help take the blog to the “next level.” This has helped make it clear to me that, realistically speaking, I just don’t have any extra time at the moment to devote to social media. (Over the past couple of weeks, I haven’t even had time to devote to writing new blog posts!) So I’m going to leave social media as a possibility for the future and just focus on building the blog itself, and building up a base of posts, for now. 

There were also a number of comments pointing out that this is MY blog and I should do whatever feels best to me and whatever makes me most comfortable. As obvious as this may sound,  I had never really thought about that before. I now realize I was getting a bit sucked into some sort of competition that only exists in my head. I’ve taken a break from reading other lingerie blogs and it honestly has been so healthy for me. As much as I love reading other blogs and as much as they help inspire and direct my own blog, they also tend to make me feel a bit overwhelmed and trapped in my own head. Having taken a break from reading them, I can see much more clearly the direction in which I want to take this.

I do think that I will take some time to update my layout and background, but that will probably happen in the fall, when I have faster internet. So we’ll be sticking with old school for the moment.

In other news, I recently got my belly button pierced…

…which I know isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I really like it. I’m not really supposed to wear a lot of super-tight tops while it’s healing, and since most of my tops are tight, I’ve just put in another order to BiuBiu in my size, 36BB/BBB. I got the Toscana Lilac, an empire waist top that will do the job perfectly…

…And the Sines Fuschia, a “beach dress” that I’m hoping will be able to transition across the seasons. Because it's meant to be casual, it's a lot more reasonably priced that the fancier BiuBiu dresses, so it fell into my price range. 

The Sines is the dress on the left. At the time that I ordered, the dress on the right wasn't on the website, but it's just been added--the Alanya. I'm a bit bummed because I LOVE the Alanya and would have definitely added it to my order if it had been there at the time, but such is life! Maybe I'll get it later. 

I’ve also been wearing my BiuBiu Etna top, first seen here, ALL THE TIME as it's currently the only empire waist top I own. I was a little unsure about this top in the winter, feeling like it made my boobs look too big. But since I’ve been wearing it a lot, I’ve been getting TONS of compliments on it. I’ve been wearing it with a tight black skirt and most people seem to read this outfit as a dress.

I was planning to sew some sort of belt into the Etna to stop the belt from sliding up, but I actually own a different belt now which doesn’t slide up at all.

That’s all from me for today but I have a lot more posts in the pipeline and they will be posted a bit more frequently over the next few weeks.


  1. What is your waist measurement? I've been considering ordering from Biubiu and haven't yet because I'm not sure if I should order a 36, 38, or 40. I know I'll need BBB and BB/BBB. My waist measures 28-29 inches depending on if I'm bloated or not.

    1. I would recommend checking the size chart on BiuBiu's website, because it depends to a certain extent on proportions/how tight you like your clothes. This is the link to the sizing chart:

      That way you can see what the ranges are for each size and if you'd be on the top/bottom edge of certain sizes. With a 28-92 inch waist that would put you in the 36 or 38 range. You'll need your bust measurement as well, and you'll need to convert to centimeters.

  2. After years of thinking I was a 36DD, I recently got a professional fitting and discovered my real size is 34G-H. This has opened up a whole new world of bra shopping for me now that I know they'll fit. I found your website, and it's great! I feel less alone in my big boobness. Now I just need to stop spending a fortune on bras. I feel like l'm making up for lost time.

    Please keep up the wonderful reviews and information!

  3. Hey, it's good to see you back!

    I just wanted to say it's great that you're just going to follow your own heart, which is the best way. Oh, and I also wanted to say what a fab tummy you have! :-)

    Becky x

  4. I'm glad to see you are well. :) I come back to your blog time and time again to reference things that I know you've written about. So even when you aren't able to actively post, know that we still get use from your blog.
    I'm jealous of your order of the Sines. I ordered the tank top version when they had free shipping on July 4th, and I'm still waiting for it. I really want the Sines, like really want it. As soon as I know how their sizing works for me it will be in my cart. Please let me know how you like it. It's something I'm really excited for.

  5. I'm wearing my Etna today, and getting compliments as well - it's a great top! (and my tummy is not nice and flat like yours, but the shirt hides it well).

  6. Hey just wanted to let you know right now on ebay there is a seller with the masquerade rhea bra bravissimo exclusive in ice blue nwt for like $16.00 in size 28h and 32h. They have other sizes too. The seller says they're from simply b but I ordered one and it has bravissimo tags. They put up new sizes all the time, just look at seller monkunderwear. Hope this helps you get the rhea bra.

  7. Oh, can't wait to see the Sines on you! I keep going back to them but have a few other things I need first. :D