Monday, 26 August 2013

Curvy Kate "Desire" Multiway Bra Review

Due to the miserable lack of options for multiway bras above a G cup, I was understandably excited to see Curvy Kate coming out with a bra that can be worn as a halter or cross-back. When I found the Desire for sale cheaply in a 28J, I decided to try it out.

I knew I would need an extender with the 28 back as I am more like a 30HH or 32H in Curvy Kate now. Even with an extender, this is a small 28 band.

The bra doesn't come with an additional strap to become the halter strap. Rather, the normal straps are long enough so that one can be made into a halter strap. Although I worried the straps were too easily adjustable and thus would slide out of shape, I didn't find that to be a problem.

The bra is very low in the armpits, which I know some of you will like, and others will dislike.

Beyond these factors, though, I'm very sorry to say that the Desire is disastrous. And not just disastrous on me; the bra itself has a MAJOR issue that will need to be corrected before this bra can be remotely marketable.

You can see from the front that the bra looks to be a pretty good fit. The gore is nice and low but lies flat.

The issue arises when you look at the side view. Somehow the foam in the padding is distorted. It squishes in about an inch from the top edge, and then flares out. Even with my aggressive upper fullness, my boobs can't fill that huge flare at the top when they are being squished in just an inch underneath.

Indicating the place where the foam squishes inward

A better view of the edge flaring out

The best photo I captured of the overall distorted shape
I'm pretty baffled by this shape snafu. I'm sure this is not how Curvy Kate INTENDED for the cups to be shaped, because this is not a shape that will work for anyone. Check out another review of this bra from a blogger with a completely different shape to witness how problematic this issue is. It also suggests that I didn't just get a 'dud', but rather than this is a persistent issue--at least in the upper cup size range. I'm really hopeful that Curvy Kate will take quick steps to resolve this. As is, I can't even re-sell the bra in good conscience because I very much doubt it will work for anyone. Instead, I'm going to try to do some alterations on the bra to make it work. I still really want a halter bra just to have the pressure moved to a different place on my shoulders on some days, and I'm wondering if taking a dart in the top of the cup could help with the shape. I'll update when I've figured something out.

Has anyone else tried this bra? Has anyone tried it and NOT had this issue? Let us know in the comments.


  1. I have a 34HH (I think) and there's no flaring like that, no distortion. The 32J might have had the issue, but there was no way I could use an extender and still close it, so fit may have corrected once the bra was closed. I'm using the extender on the 34, and I come in at 31". I think this band is a +4 band. Cups are insanely shallow, worse than the Showgirl line.

    It's my usual. I both love and hate Curvy Kate. The fit in bands is all over the place from the Showgirls which I've modified to be the equivalent to a 28 to this which I need a 36 for. Then, the shallow cups. So I jump up quickly in sizes before I'm in the cup. But, dang it, once I get those issues to behave, the bras are glorious perfection. So, I buy them, reassess fit, buy the new size, reassess fit, buy again and then have my gorgeous lovely bras.

  2. I was actually thinking to buy this bra, but after reading your and other comments decided to wait for a better option. CK has the Luxe multiwau trapless bra in the 2014 summer collection (vailable in MArch 2014), so maybe that would a good option for us?

  3. WOW, that is a bizarrely built bra. Thank God you published this review. I can't imagine anyone finding this bra works for them!

    CK's straps seem to be too wide for me, but I'd been hoping their newer models would be tweaked to address this issue. I'm still looking for a multiway. It wouldn't matter where the straps were on this thing, though.

  4. Sorry this didn't work out for you! Very bizarrely built bra indeed.

  5. I need to review this one myself, but I had the worst fit I have ever gotten on a bra in my entire life. I'm pretty sure the VS 36DD bras I tried fit better! There was gaping near the center but I was literally bulging through the middle of the cup, and I was getting zero lift and shaping. I was so excited too because I thought it would make a great plunge bra. Glad to see I am now alone!

  6. It is a good thing I came across with this one. I intend to buy this kind of bra last weekend but there is no more size that fits me. And I guess that’s a good thing. I was spared from regression I would surely feel when I found out that its quality is not reliable.