Thursday 3 November 2011

Curvy Kate Conclusions

Curvy Kate says in their press that all their bras are sized the same—that once you know your size in one, you can just buy that size in all the others. This is partly true. Their unpadded bras all have the same three-piece design, so it’s not the same crapshoot you’ll sometimes experience navigating the disparate styles offered by other brands. But from trying on most of the styles they sell, I can report that the different bras Curvy Kate sells do differ in terms of the fit. I expect this is based on the different amount of stretch in the different fabrics.

I don’t think this is a bad thing at all, though! I’m glad that the bras vary slightly because if they all fit exactly like the Princess or the Portia, I wouldn’t be able to wear them. If they all fit like the Ella or the Angel, someone who fits better in the Princess might not be able to wear them. So even if you’re one of those people who, like me, didn’t have any luck with your first Curvy Kate attempt, I would recommend another try. Curvy Kate is definitely the most progressive lingerie brand for bigger boobs, and I’m happy to support them by buying their bras. Although not all of their styles fit me, I know they’ll never leave me out in the cold by refusing to produce my size. There isn’t any other brand I can say that about.

That said, there are some other bras that I truly love, as well as some other bras that I truly hate. Now that I’ve finished my Curvy Kate reviews for the moment, I’m going to start reviewing the Panache and Cleo bras that I own, and other bras (including Freya and Fantasie) that I’ve owned in the past or have tried on but never bought. I’m hoping this can be a resource for people ordering bras from the US and hoping to get the right size/style the first time. I’m also planning some posts on body image and the ups and downs of living with big boobs. Feel free to contact me if you've ever hated a bra and want to rant about it :)

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  1. I love Curvy Kate! I could never find anything that fit me right until I discovered these bras. Definitely worth a try if you're tired of the uni-boob.