Thursday 16 February 2012

Bras I Want: In Which I Am Not Bitter

I spend a lot of time being annoyed at small size ranges, poor bra construction, and boring design. But there are a few bras in upcoming collections that I’ve been drooling over since the photos came out, so I figured I should share the lust. I’m feeling optimistic today!

Cleo Lucy in Yellow (Spring/Summer 2012)
A YELLOW bra all the way up to a J cup! 

I hadn’t realized that people of any size were wearing yellow bras, but that is exactly why I love the fact that this exists. I always say that as soon as someone starts making J-cup bras with sequins on them, we’ll know we’re really getting somewhere… This vivid shade is nearly that. YAY for random colors! Down with only making big bras in black, white, pink, and nude! I don’t even like yellow all that much but you can bet that I am going to buy one of these just for the sheer hedonism of it.

Curvy Kate Tease Me in Cherry/Blush (Autumn/Winter 2012)
Anything in a colorway called “Cherry/Blush” is bound to be made of sexy. Seriously, just say it aloud. Now look at this bra. 

I want it. I need it. I have to have it.

Curvy Kate Entice (Autumn/Winter 2012)
Curvy Kate is just killing it with these awesome, awesome upcoming styles! Look at this! 

This is what I want! And look how the strap has that wider section connecting to the cup! That is brilliant and will give such a nice shape to the cup by spreading out the tension from the strap! I am way too excited!

Curvy Kate Wild (Autumn/Winter 2012)

I don’t actually want this (my boobs tremble with fear at the thought of most deep plunge bras), I just think it’s cool-looking. I’m pretty sure we can all agree that this is cool-looking. I assume everyone who likes plunges is going to buy 12 of this bra on the day it comes out. You go, ladies!

Curvy Kate Smoothie (Autumn/Winter 2012)
The heralded molded bra “up to a J cup” which really only goes up to a J cup in 2 band sizes—for once, I am actually in that size range, though barely. I’m bummed they didn’t make this in more sizes. 

But I’m PSYCHED that they made it in a weird leopard/cheetah print for their very first go! Down with basics! I’ll definitely buy this just to see what it’s like. (Seriously, though, they’ve got to expand the size range for this one in future seasons.)

Curvy Kate Fleurty (Spring/Summer 2012)
This bra, which looks to be the same shape as the Tease Me/Thrill Me, is coming out a bit sooner than these other Curvy Kate bras—just in March! WHOOO! 

I have wanted this bra for what feels like my whole life. I love the colors. I love the sheer overlay. I love it. I will have it. And look at the color for the next season! I think I’ll take that too!

I hope you enjoyed my moment of glee. Photos are from Cleo’s website and Curvy Kate’s Autumn/Winter 2012 catalogue


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    1. I agree, since they've never done a molded bra before, the Smoothie will be a whole new animal! I hope it works out for them.

  2. I LOVE the Fleurty bra! In my back size (I'd propably fit 38 in Showgirls range) they only come up to G cup, so I don't think there's any chance for me to fit in them. That's just so depressing as they are propably the most beautiful bras I've ever seen. Especially the Fleurty is to die for. I'm waiting anxiously for your review on that so I can be happy for you. :-)

    1. So sad :( I hate the Showgirl size ranges. Even though I can fit into the half-cup (Tease Me/Thrill Me) type styles, I know SO many people who don't and who would love to wear them if they came in bigger sizes. It HAS to happen at some point... right??

    2. I'm SO hoping that it will! I know my size isn't the only one that's sized out. I just don't understand why, because as far as I've seen they seem to work pretty amazing in the biggest sizes they offer. So why not go even bigger, I'm just asking... :-( I constantly think that maybe I should just squish my H cup boobs in that G cup...

    3. Oh yes, and one more thing: once their band is so stretchy, they should start making smaller bands in the Showgirls range! I know that many find the 28 band to be so loose that they're sized out, too.

  3. I want that Tease Me but I found it on CK's site under A/W 11? And I NEED the Wild one! x

    1. Sadly it is A/W 12... the A/W 11 collection is already out and the S/S 12 collection is coming out now. Perhaps they made a mistake on their site...Wish I could buy it now!