Tuesday 21 February 2012

Curvy Kate “Emily” in Flame (Review …ish)

This will be a quick post; I just wanted to share my answer to a question I’ve had for ages. Exactly what color is "Flame"?

 I’ve long considered buying Curvy Kate’s Emily bra in this color, but I wasn’t sure if it was red or orange, or in between, or a bit of both. It seemed to look a bit different in every photo I’d ever seen of it. Personally, I love red, but I’m not so crazy about orange, which was why I was so curious that I ordered the bra.

The answer? As you can see, it's highly dependent on the use of flash, but I’d say it’s more red than anything else. It's a shade of red that is slightly tinted towards coral or orange, but to my eyes it falls solidly in the category of red. For a much better visual aid, here’s a photo of the Flame Emily next to my red Princess, which is a classic pillarbox shade of red:

As you can see, the two colors are not that far off. However, the Flame Emily does have embroidery in orange, so I think it will satisfy fans of orange as well as red.

As for the fit and shape… well, last time I reviewed the Emily I wasn’t very kind to it. But that was unfair, since I had tried the Emily in one cup size up and two cup sizes up, but never in my actual size. In my normal Curvy Kate size of 28J, the Emily was a good fit and actually gave better shape than the other Curvy Kate bras I’ve tried. It’s still not open on top like a Panache balconette, but the top section is much looser than that on the Angel or Princess. In fact, the material makes it a lot like the Ella, which is the Curvy Kate bra I found the easiest fit. The Emily is, like the Ella, pretty forgiving and I think it’s a good Curvy Kate bra to start with if you are still trying to find your size in the brand.

The shape from the side is pretty good, not mind-blowing. It’s still a little more triangular than I’d like, and not as round as the shape I get in my favorite bras (Panache Sienna and Confetti, Cleo Lucy and Brooke). It’s not a terrible shape, just kind of average on me. I would consider this more an everyday bra than a sexy number. Of course, sometimes that's what you're looking for.


  1. I love Curvy Kate reviews as they are my only hope at the moment. The Flame color is such a pretty one, and I think the shape is pretty ok, too. Although I'd hope for a rounder silhouette, too...

    I was reading your Why I hate Freya -posts comment box and stumbled upon something I want to correct: Ewa Michalak's website does have 28 bands available at the moment and I think all the available ones are also returnable? I don't know if they have J-cups that are returnable, though.

    1. Ah, I see you are right! I know they used to only have them as special-order, but they do seem to have them for regular order now... I wonder if those are extras they had, or if they are really introducing them? I will see what I can find out, this may be good news!