Tuesday, 19 June 2012

My Urkye Order

Some of you may have heard of the new big-busted clothing line that has just launched, Urkye. Like BiuBiu, it is located in Poland and is similar to BiuBiu and Pepperberry in that each clothing size also has three options for "curviness" sizes. The sizing isn't as similar as I'd expected, though. I read on Urkye's sewing blog that she decided to use a different number of inches between sizes to hopefully get a better fit for more people. I guess I'm one of the people for whom that won't be true, because although my measurements are smack in the middle of a BiuBiu 36BBB, I found that I was weirdly between sizes in every way on the Urkye sizing charts, which look like this:

I ultimately decided to go with a 36ooo but I have to say I felt like I was taking a shot in the dark and have no idea how that size is going to fit me. I'm worried it will be too big.... or too small. But despite this, I made an order anyway, selecting this dress:

The only thing cuter than this dress is this dress paired with the tights this model is wearing. Actually, even cuter than that is the item description:

"This dress is not a serious one... :) We added funny pockets that can hide your treasures."

It can hide my treasures! I'm so ready for this! Unlike most of the items I look over and reject on the Pepperberry website, I saw this dress and knew that I HAD to have it. Like my life would have no meaning if I didn't buy it RIGHT THEN. This reaction makes me happy for so many reasons. When I look at clothes on the Pepperberry website, and even sometimes BiuBiu, I often feel like the only reason I would buy clothes like that is BECAUSE they are designed for big boobs. I usually don't find anything I like but still can't kick the feeling that I am "supposed" to like the clothes because they are "made for my body type" and blah blah depressing. I often find myself considering making a Pepperberry order for this sole reason, but I always stop myself when I realize that I wouldn't even be considering if if I didn't feel like I was supposed to want to.

This dress on Urkye's website is nothing like that! It is all that I want and more! I will wear it obsessively, probably every other day for three months (I have a disturbing tendency to do this) if it fits. It has POCKETS! FRONT POCKETS! I almost ordered it in both the teal and the raspberry color, but then I didn't... but I sort of wish I had.

The one thing driving me crazy is that the dress has been delivered already, but I don't know if it fits me yet! That's because I had the bright idea to mail it to my parents' house instead of where I'm living now at my summer job. I'm not sure when I'm going to make it home to try it on, but I guess I just want my readers to be as psyched about it as I am.


  1. I'm psyched! I noticed this dress on the website too. Sadly, I'm out of the sizing chart, but I'm happy for more options for busty women. As I said on your other post, neither Pepperberry, nor BiuBiu generally appeals to me although I can find items by both brands that I genuinely like. Urkye's clothes seem much younger and more now to me.

  2. That is really cute. I haven't seen anything thing that I actually want on BiuBiu and Pepperberry. I agree, now I am really tempted. That dress is so cute!

  3. HURRY UP! You're killing me not trying it on! :D They're out of my size in the wine one (The color I was hoping for) so I'm trying to wait a bit to see if it shows up again (fingers crossed).

  4. I suggest you go to your parents' place tomorrow to try it on, take pictures, and blog about it. You can do all that by tomorrow night, right? I'm sure they'll understand at work when you tell them you have a delivery? There are people waiting!!

  5. I found the same thing with the sizing in Urkye! I have a 94 bust and a 73 underbust, so I'm inbetween sizes :/

    I find that with almost everything from Pepperberry, BiuBiu and now Urkye I am just not keen on what they have to offer. Wearing something that flatters (or even just fits) my bust but isn't my style at all doesn't work for me. I've tried it before, and I just don't wear them. The only clothes I've actually wanted are a couple of dresses from BiuBiu. Everything else just says "bland" to me. They look beautiful on other people, but way too little interest factor for me to spend money on.

    I thought that with this dress, too. It is kinda cute and I love the colours (my favourite colours, actually) but I'd get bored of wearing it because I just don't like simple. I hope it fits you though! I can't wait to see pictures.

  6. Girls, if you are having problems with sizes, write an e-mail to Ula, she is very helpful and she speaks English:)

  7. Hi, I'm happy to read your post :D I hope you'll love this dress and it'll fit excellent :)

    Whenever you have any doubts what size to choose, please just write me (urkye @ urkye.pl) I'll try to help :) As always - some styles stretches more, some less, so if you're between sizes, I can suggest which size should be better depending on effect you want to get :)

    @contrary kiwi - please measure yourself in bust and waist - we don't take underbust into consideration in our sizing chart:) I can help you with choosing the best size if you wish, just write to me :)

  8. Oh, that is cute! I feel much the same way about Pepperberry and Biubiu: feel like I am supposed to like it! Unfortuneately I am sized out here, with a waist of 83 and a bust of 123cm, I would need 44oooooo, so right now Biubiu is my best option.

  9. I just made an Urkye order too! I'll post a review once I get them (ordered mostly in the 36o/oo range) - I'm excited :D