Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Masquerade Rhea Review--At Last!

In my April review of Bravissimo bras, I first documented my love affair with the Masquerade Rhea. I’d tried it on in a 30H and found it a perfect fit and perfect shape for me. But it’s a very expensive bra at full price, so I was holding out to find it on sale. I searched high and low but none of the cheap sources of the Rhea ever had it in a 30H or even a 32GG. I never quite succeeded in finding the low price I’d hoped to find, but I did eventually find a burgundy Rhea in 30H at a lowISH price, so I figured it was best to take that opportunity while it was there.

First, a disclaimer. I don’t really like padded bras. I wear them in the winter because otherwise my boobs go numb (giggles), hence why I bought four Curvy Kate Showgirl bras, three of which are reviewed here, this winter. I’ve since decided to sell two of those four, as well as selling my Masquerade Delphi. I loved the shape of the Delphi, reviewed here, and it fit me well, but I wasn’t crazy about the thick straps (as comfy as they were) or the color. It made more sense to sell it and get a Rhea, which was what I’d really wanted in the first place. Along with the Cleo Rihanna that I reviewed recently, my collection of padded bras will still consist of four, but four that fit and suit me better. That will be adequate to get me through the cold months.

Anyway, here’s the Rhea!

I don’t think this color is as epic as the continuity mauve shade, this:

…but I like it combined with the gray, and the color suits me, even if it’s not my favorite color. (Royal blue is my favorite color, if you wanted to know.)

The shape from the side is good. It’s a little squashed, but not quite to the point where it would stop looking round and start looking square.

This shape is actually fairly similar to the shape I get in the Curvy Kate Showgirl bras, but a bit more lifted, and the underwire feels more firm and sits closer to my body.

The back band is sort of the WORST, though. I love the back bands on the Curvy Kate Showgirl bras,  as they are so wide and stretchy and comfortable. The Masquerade Rhea, on the other hand, has a very thin, very stiff back band with just two hooks. It’s also angled up a little bit so it looks almost like it is riding up even when it isn’t.

The straps are great—narrow but not too thin, and the same width all the way up. So unlike with the Delphi, these straps will look normal under strappy tops.

The inside of the cups is a sort of cotton fabric, the kind of fabric you would find in a t-shirt, which I know will please some readers who seek breathable fabric.

The thick lace along the top of the cups shows a little bit under tight tops, but not a ton. The Rhea is a good bra, and I’m glad to finally own one. I would recommend it, especially for those with full-on-top boobs who are fans of a rounded shape, and for those who like padded bras and a touch of luxury.


  1. Thanks so much for doing this review! I just got one of my own for the first time from ebay, not being able to try it first.

    I was wondering, do you find the center gore doesn't tack that wall? I'm pretty sure I am in the right size because the back is extremely firm on me and I get some serious gaping at the top, but if I size down I know the underwires woul not encase my boobs properly.. I'm starting to think it has to do with the underwires being so stiff that they do not pull and mold to the breast properly, along with the major fact that the band is so horrible!

    I think because the band is so thin at the back where as the rest of the band is a lot higher, the tension is not enough where the underwires under the arms are. I love it so much but I can't afford to return it and I can't ever seem to sell anything on ebay, so I'm starting to wonder if I should replace the dreadful back band with one of my old more supportive bands with more hooks. Sigh...

    1. Did you do the swooping and scooping?That can help sometimes..
      but sometimes it's just that the bra isn't right for you. :/

  2. I experience the same backband issue with the Rhea, too :( The cup shape wasn't the best for me, but the band was what made me give up on it. It was like it wasn't offering enough support for the cups because it was too narrow or something. It felt too tight (and I'm a smallish 28 band) and yet not supportive enough at the same time!

    That said, I know there are some people that love the Rhea, and I'm glad it worked out pretty well for you!

  3. Oh, it looks way better on you! I actually liked the material of the band (wish other bands were less stretchy too) but NOT the size/upward angle of it.

  4. Pretty! The center gore looks tiny on you. Have you altered it? (It might be just the picture)

  5. It looks great on you! I bought this one in a 30GG instead of my usual 30H because I'm full on bottom and didn't want gaping. I agree with you on the angled band issue. I unfortunately get a square shape, which sucks because it's a gorgeous bra.

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  7. I recently bought this bra because of this review and I love it. I'm the type of person that loves to have a bra's band be very tight, so this bra worked perfectly. (My underbust is 26.5'' and the 28 band fit tight/the way I like it) The material is so soft, too. & I found it for $15 on ebay, which was amazing.