Saturday, 22 October 2011

The Curvy Kate "Portia"

I really wanted this one to fit because it reminds me of a black-and-pink Betsey Johnson bra I used to wear back before my boobs got so out of hand. However, the “Portia” was my least favorite of the Curvy Kate bras I tried. It was a big disappointment because it’s a really beautiful design, subtle but still cute and flirty.

I ordered it in a 30J because I figured I would need a 28JJ cup to avoid quadraboob with the ribbon along the top, and 28JJ wasn’t in stock on Amazan. As with the “Emily”, though, I think I overreacted a bit. I probably could have worn a 28J in this style (I’m usually between a HH-J in Panache).

Once again, I had to shorten the straps quite a lot to get the right lift. However, even after I’d done this, I didn’t like the shape the “Portia” gave. The upper section was made of a slightly stretchy material, so it felt pretty flimsy and didn’t contribute anything to the hard work the bottom sections were doing to support me. That meant it gave a very pointy shape.

It was also a visually huge bra. In the pictures below I’ve shown what it looked like on me, and what I wished it looked like.
Apologies for horrible photoshopping. 

Looking at the photo, I think it actually doesn’t look so bad from the front, but here’s how pointy it looked from the side.

Super Meh!
If the “Portia” works for you, I’m jealous, because it’s so adorable. If you haven’t tried Curvy Kate, though, I wouldn’t recommend starting with this bra. Interestingly, Cheryl at the blog Invest in Your Chest has also written that this is one of her least favorite Curvy Kate bras. That suggests that the “Portia” has problems in a wider range of sizes. Here’s her review.

Check out my updated review of the Portia (in the RIGHT size this time!) here. 

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  1. What a great post! I love the fact you've photoshopped your image to show how you'd like the bra to look and fit - what a fantastic idea. So many bras look different on (particularly when worn by bustier ladies) compared to the catalogue pictures, and this is a prime example. I'm sorry that it did not fit as it is a gorgeous bra. But your photo from the side shows what a bad shape it gives you. Bras that make boobs point down can never be a good thing.