Tuesday 11 October 2011

To clarify some things

I’ve had a bit more activity in the comments recently than I expected, having only started this blog about two weeks ago. So it’s definitely been coming to my attention that being aggressive and taking a mocking tone has the obvious downside of potentially offending people, since everyone has different opinions.

I do want to clarify something I didn’t fully explain in my first post “Why I’m Doing This.” When I criticized the other blogs I read for tending to only take a positive tone, I wasn’t saying that these blogs aren’t great—if they weren’t, I wouldn’t read them. Instead, I was trying to justify my reasoning for starting up yet another lingerie blog when there are quite a few good ones out there already. I feel there’s a niche to fill with a blog that frankly (and grumpily) discusses the frustrations of poor fit and poor quality.

I can also really only speak for myself, and my best friend with whom I’ve talked at length and whose bras I’ve actually seen. That’s why I called this blog “Bras I Hate” instead of “Bras That Suck" (which I actually considered). There is definitely room for more than just one opinion here and I would be very interested in posting other people’s opinions about which bras they hated, even if it happens to be one that I liked. We all have to claw through a whirlwind of crappy mail ordering and dressing rooms to find the few things that will work for us. I don’t think I’m speaking just for myself when I say this experience can get very discouraging, and mess with your head (and your body image). For me the hardest thing about big boobs is feeling that I’m alone in a struggle with my body and fashion. That’s the real reason I wanted to start a blog—to fight against that feeling.


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  2. Hee hee now it looks like I said something bad ;-)

  3. I just found out about you from a LiveJournal community, and I'm thrilled because I've been considering doing a blog on bras as well.
    I think there is room for a lot of them, the more info getting out there, the better.
    I'm in the Freya camp since most of the ones I've tried seem to work for my shape/size, which is 30GG/30J (UK/US), with breasts that are changing shape from wearing better-fitting bras.

    My suggestion (and please point it out to me if you've already blogged this, I'm still working through your entries) is to include a sticky post letting us know what you consider your shape. I'm going to do this, too, because I know that we all look for someone out there with our similar size/shape with whom to share information.

    Thank you for this very informative blog, I'm in!

  4. Thanks for your comment--I'm glad you find my blog helpful!

    My boobs are very full on top which means I struggle to find bras that don't cut in and give me "quadraboob". They're also pretty close together to the point where extra cleavage is the last thing I would look for (I'd still have cleavage in a full-cup bra). I've mentioned these facts in most of my review posts but it could definitely be useful to make it more clear; what do you mean by a sticky post? Is that something that will help include the info with every post?

  5. i am really confused like your boobs just look normal to me like how most girls i know look your size or bigger so dont take this the wrong way im just kinda super confused from how they look like most women who would say they were a dd average you look about the same size as me i measure 28under and 43 bust but im slimmer i wasnt aware they were big really wish i had bigger breast if i am honest i know quite a few of my friends wear jj like but they look very much bigger in proportion this bra stuff is just mind boggling i only wear a 38dd but kinda now think this is definitely not my size

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