Tuesday 15 May 2012

Bra Band Project Now Online!

You might remember a few months ago when I asked readers who wear a 30 band or below to submit photos to raise awareness of the need for these sizes. I teamed up with three other bloggers--Braless in Brasil, Boosaurus, StackDD, and By Baby's Rules to put together the Bra Brand Project. Since then, other bloggers have taken up the cause and we had a great response. Many thanks to all the readers who submitted their photos!

The photo album is now live on Flickr--check it out! 

When you are looking at the photos, you will notice that you can sort the photos by band size (separated into categories of 30 bands, 28 bands, and 26 bands and smaller. My favorite part about looking at the photos is the huge variety of body types and ages that need these smaller band sizes. Hopefully, the photos can help raise awareness that a huge number of women need small band sizes--even if they don't know it!

We decided to focus on D cups and up for this first wave of the Bra Band Project, since that is our area of expertise as bloggers. But for smaller cup sizes, fear not--32aa Bra is taking up the project for that size range.

For more information, here is the description page for the Bra Band Project on Flickr. 

If you didn't send us a photo and still want to, submissions are still open! Check out my original post for information on how to help with the project and to submit. 

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