Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Fantasie "Ibiza" Bikini Review

I recently decided to invest in a new bikini because my old one is a bit small in the cup. The one I've had for two years is a Fantasie Seattle in 30GG.

Fantasie Seattle
It basically looks the same on me as it looks on the model—not extremely supportive, but essentially functional with a very casual, somewhat low shape. It’s not padded, but I think some padding might have enhanced the structure of this bra.

In case you’re considering buying the Fantasie Seattle but are terrified by the thought of sunbathing with a big metal clip sitting on your shoulder, don’t worry—the buckle detail is some kind of metal that doesn’t absorb heat. (Maybe I was naïve to worry about this, but just thought I’d mention it.)

When I started the search for a new bikini, I was looking for a few things—something that was fun and not just solid black, something where I could also get the bottoms at a pretty low price, and something with normal straps positioned where they would be on a bra. I can’t really wear halter necks because I don’t like having weight on my neck.

In my swimsuit search, I wasn’t too worried about finding something extremely supportive, because I don’t even really swim, I mostly just lie out in the sun (with sunscreen, of course!). Having a tight/firm band therefore wasn’t as important as usual to me, so I decided to look at 32 bands as well. Swimsuits have so much Lycra in them that the bands can sometimes feel tighter anyway, so I figured it would be fine, especially if I went in knowing I might need to take it in.

I ended up choosing the Fantasie Ibiza because I found it at a very low price on Leia Lingerie (you can also now buy it at Brastop).

Fantasie Ibiza
It was also one of the very few swimsuits I found that I liked. I didn’t want anything with a small pattern or an upper section that was a different color from the bottom sections, which limited my options a lot. The only other bikini I found that I really liked was the Panache Veronica:

Panache Veronica
But that was a lot more expensive than the Ibiza, and in any case I was worried the bow in front would be annoying if I tried to throw a dress on over my bikini. (I do like the fact, though, that the Panache Veronica has a covering over the underwire so it doesn’t look “bra-like” at all.) So, I ordered the Ibiza. It wasn’t available on Brastop at the time, so I got in it the sizes Leia Lingerie had left—32H for the top (equivalent of 30HH, the larger of the two cup sizes I normally wear) and small for the tie-side briefs.

Here it is:

I was really pleased with how the Ibiza worked out for me. The band wasn’t as loose as I was expecting, so I may not even bother to take it in. Of course, the problem with most swimsuits is that you can’t go to the tighter hooks when it loosens up, because they have a single clasp fastening. So, when it’s stretched a bit I probably will need to take it in. I think it runs fairly true to size for a 32, maybe a bit firm.

The cup size was good too. From my two experiences, Fantasie swimsuits seem to have stretchy cups. So unlike a bra where the size needs to be really spot-on, I think most people will find they have a bit more wiggle-room in cup sizing, at least for this kind of design. That said, the stretchiness of the cups also means that the cups don’t offer quite as much lift on their own. Shortening the straps, I was able to get enough lift to satisfy me, but once again like with the Seattle, I found myself thinking that a layer of thin padding might not have gone amiss.

I also found the seams were really thick and stuck out a bit from the side, which you can sort of see here.

The seams are also a little itchy. I’m really, really hoping this is something that will go away with wear—I’ve never yet worn my Ibiza to the beach so I don’t know how it will perform in action, but I will update once I know.

The sizing of the bottoms was pretty good. I wasn’t sure if I should go for a small or a medium—I typically wear a medium in American underwear like Victoria’s Secret or Aerie but I’ve found that I fit into a small in some Freya thongs. The thing is though, that a lot of underwear made to come with bras sits a lot higher than the low-slung styles I’m used to wearing, which sit straight across the widest part of my hips. So even if I would prefer a medium for the fit, I often need a small in “nicer” brands (though let’s be honest here, nothing is better than Victoria’s Secret for panties) just to stop it going up much higher than I want. Obviously people have different preferences and this isn’t an issue for everyone. But I was worried the Ibiza bottoms would come up too high if I got the medium, so I went for the small. That ended up being the right choice. I have relatively wide and solid hips for my size  (and by solid, I mean that I don’t carry any fat there—it’s all bone, so it’s my frame) but I have a very small butt, so I didn’t ultimately need the medium which more closely matches my measurements.

I did find the briefs came up pretty high, but fortunately for all of us, they offer a compromise—because the ties on the sides can be ruched down tighter, you can basically push the bottoms down lower if you like, or wear them higher if that’s what you prefer. It’s a smart design and I am happy with it.

Just a note about the color: I had somehow always thought the Ibiza was navy blue with purple polka dots from online photos. Well, in real life it is actually black with pink polka dots. Still cute, I’m just not sure how I made that mistake, so I wanted to mention it.

Overall I’m very, very pleased with my new bikini. I think I will feel really cute and comfortable in it when (if??) warm weather ever arrives. I would recommend this one. If you want to see another great review of this bikini, check out the review on Fuller Figure Fuller Bust


  1. You have such a killer body, so pretty! :) And the bikini is so cute.

    I'm really stuck with bad bathing suits as I can't (or can, but don't have the confidence to do so) wear bikinis and there aren't that many tankini's with underwires. I have a secret support tankini which doesn't provide any support.

    Maybe I'll try the Curvy Kate tankini but I have found that the central gore is too high for me in CK bras.

    1. Awww, thank you so much!

      I used to have a Panache tankini that had underwired cups underneath the tankini part. I wonder if you've ever tried that one? It gave a nice shape and was pretty comfortable. I'm not sure on the size range of that, though--it was a couple years ago.

    2. Sorry to butt in on your conversation but I recently tried some Curvy Kate swimwear and found the central gore did not come up high at all. However I didn't try the tankini so can't comment on that but I'm sure it will be similar to the bikini tops.

  2. I've also found the cups to be fairly stretchy in Fantasie suits (hence, why I like to size down in the cups on swimsuits). It looks great on your, are you planning on bringing in the band at all still?

    With the side ties on the bottoms.... does it make possible to actually make the leg holes smaller? I always have an issue with them being to big and the cup over the butt being too small so I wonder if they would be a good fix?

    1. I'm not sure about the leg holes. Realistically speaking the area that gets ruched in is only the vertical seam going up the hips, so it can't change the actual size of the leg hole, but it might change the way it sits. If anything though, I think ruching it would make the leg area bigger, because the briefs will be sitting lower. Sorry if that's not helpful--I'm not sure how to verify!

    2. Ah, I get what you're saying. Too bad. :( I think with bikini bottoms I'm just always going to get stuck taking them to the seamstress!

  3. Wow, that really looks great on you! Much better than on the model, I actually saw this on Brastop but did not think it would work in a GG/H cup. After seeing this review I might have to reconsider...

  4. Hmm. I wonder if I lost weight would I have a body shape similar to yours? I am so keen to find out, except that would involve losing weight. I am inclined to think that I would look similar to you from the front, but I often need to size up in underwear to cover my butt, so I definitely have a rounder butt. I'm sorry if my comparing my body to yours is concerning, but if we are alike then you're my best source for bra and clothing reviews!

    To me, that swimsuit looks navy and purple in the site photos and navy and pink in yours. I'm interested to hear that it's actually black and pink because I think that's a much nicer colour combo.

    I reaaaaaallly struggle with swimsuits because I have a long enough torso to drag the boob area underneath my chest (or drag my boobs down with it) so I can't really wear one-pieces, especially since I want a retro Marilyn Monroe style in a 32FF, but I dislike tankinis and would not be comfortable in a bikini. So sad :(

    This is a great review, by the way!

    1. I don't mind you comparing your body to mine, it's how we figure things out! (As long as no one is saying what exact number of pounds they weigh, that does upset me...) If you have a long torso, then that is a difference between us--I have a very short torso. My torso is also kind of "flat" so my ribs look unusually narrow from the side versus their wideness from the front, if that makes sense. I guess my lower half is like that too--narrower from the side, because my butt is so flat, but then wider from the front because I have curvy hips. It took me so long to understand this about myself. Even though you have a long torso, perhaps your body is similar to mine in that way?

    2. I am sorry to butt in on a really old post here - but I am considering a similar bikini by fantasie, so I read the review. I am surprised you think you have a short torso. From the pictures, your torso appears to be average. If you can fit two hand widths between your waist and the bottom of your bra - you are average torso. If less - then short torso, more than 2 hands - long torso. I have a very short torso myself, can barely fit one hand. You are fine :)

    3. I can just fit one! And my legs are very long for my torso, so that also contributes to the look of a short torso.

    4. You look good though :) I have the same proportions - long legs, short (definitely shorter than yours) torso. Probably the size of boobs contributes to the issue, smaller boobs would have visually lengthened the torso... Question about the briefs - is this the most they will get ruched on the sides? With a short torso, I prefer the lower sitting pants, but my choice of bikini only has this adjustable leg short left for the bottom option (fantasie vienna). If you don't mind me asking - what is your hip measurement? Just trying to determine if I can get away with a small or should go for a medium. I worry that with medium it will sit even higher, but with a small I hate the idea of a possible muffin top. My favourite choice would have been a tie side bottom, but fantasie doesn't make it.

  5. You look gorgeous in this. Those briefs are the cutest thing and I would not have guessed from the promotion picture that they had ties on the side and could be ruched.

  6. Now that I've seen your pics and review, I love this even more!! I really want to try the bandeau version of this, but it only goes up to an F cup. Now I know that it will probably work, even though I usually need an FF.

    I thought it was navy and pink at first, too, good to know that it's black. And the briefs are way cuter than I thought they'd be... I might just have to go for a matching set.

    Thanks for a great review!

  7. If it is ok to comment on other bikini brands....then the Freya bikinis are great. I have two in a 36G, and they fit very well, both top and bottom. My worry with a bikini top was falling out of it when swimming (especially the ocean). The Freya tops really hold you in place, and depending on what you are going for, they are very cute. The only downside is they are not inexpensive.

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